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Womenswear designer Q&A

Womenswear designer Q&A

So happy to have been asked to answer some questions covering all things business, womenswear, and having a brand in this exciting digital age by @TheInfluencerFiles

I’m actually quite flattered as I wouldn’t say I am the person with all the answers. However, what I’ve come to realise is that there are always going to be people at all at different levels doing great things, so hopefully there is a group of people who can relate to (and enjoy) this!

IF: How should influencers pitch to brands?

Saffiyyah: I honestly don't see the problem with a direct message straight through Instagram, this isn’t unprofessional but actually more convenient as you can go straight to that persons profile to take a look at their content and other links (easy). One big thing I would say is let brands know exactly when you can provide the content by; sticking to an agreed date saves the brand having to chase you up. From personal experience this saves the likely situation of basically just giving away free clothes and chasing up for content that is never created because no clarity was made at the beginning of the conversation. Don’t let the brand get the impression that you’re just reaching out for free clothes!

IF: How do you plan your feed?

Saffiyyah Paul: I feel like my perception of what looks good theme wise is constantly changing. For example I used to absolutely love a clean minimal feed and now I’m not so particular about what order I post. Obviously having a brand you need to keep some sort of consistency in order for things to be presented in a way that is appealing for people to look at, so I would say try to focus on colour themes throughout and less on the order of the photos, for this I use an app called Preview to see what looks good before I post.

IF: How do you think is the best way to engage with your followers?

Saffiyyah: I honestly think Instagram stories are the best way to communicate and engage with your audience, obviously that comes at the price of putting yourself out there (I originally filmed this Q&A but then deleted it as I’m not quite there yet HA). It’s just one of them things that I know I should take advantage of but I need a little push (so I admire anyone who puts themselves out there). Personally I rate Youtube! I feel like Instagram algorithm is playing against us all right now.

IF: How do you successfully translate yourself into your brand?

Saffiyyah: This is a good one which I’ve kind of been torn with as my brand is obviously my name, so I’m representing myself. I’ve recently decided to delete my personal Instagram so I can focus solely on my brand page. However, I’m cautious to not show too much of my personal self as thats not what people have originally followed me for. So I think in regards to translating myself into the brand I’ll still post images of myself but only when it’s something relevant e.g wearing an outfit from my collection but I'm definitely going to try to share more of my brand story, business tips etc!

IF: How do you stay motivated/inspired?

Saffiyyah: So I’ve definitely learnt what makes me unmotivated. Scrolling hours through Instagram (the irony considering it’s what I need to do my job every day), but I’ve tried to just focus on what content I need to post, engaging with my followers and that’s it. Not ending up on my friends brothers cousins ex-wife’s page looking at her holiday in Dubai (madness but we all do it HA)!

Don't let anyone tell you that this industry is saturated because there is always room for more people! Ultimately though, self help books are my haven. A few of my favourites;

- The Power of Now

- The Alchemist

- Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

- Rich Dad Poor Dad 

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